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Don’t Get On The Highway With A Used Car?

So today I was having a conversation with one of my brothers and we started talking about his relationships with women since he’s been out of prison. He said, “I don’t have time for any relationships right now.” I said, “but you have time to bang this one and that one? If a woman is good enough to bang, she should be good enough to be in a relationship with”, to which he replied, “being in a relationship is like buying a used car; you only get a used car to get you from point A to point B in the city but you wouldn’t take it on the highway”. “WHAT?!!!?” was my reply. I mean, how in the world are you going to compare a relationship with a woman to a used car that you wouldn’t take on the highway? I was livid. After all, I am a woman, so hearing that kind of statement from a MAN, especially from my brother, was something of a shock. However, I do realize that he is entitled to his opinion and his feelings (although his feelings are only sexual at this point, having been locked up for 9 1/2 years and still being told when he can and can’t go out since he lives in a half-way house).
Needless to say, my brother got the other side of me that he has never experienced. 

Still grappling with his “analogy”, I lit into him. “Kevin”, I said, “there are some very nice used cars out there which are capable of not only riding from point A to point B in the city, but they are great on the highway”. His response was, “well, I wouldn’t take a used car on the highway”. So immediately I said to him, “Again, if a woman is good enough to bang, then she should be good enough to be in a relationship with”. Then I told him, “if a woman is only as good as a used car, then if I wasn’t his sister and he tried to bang me, I would hand him a jar of Vaseline and tell him to go home and have some fun with himself until he sees fit to buy a BRAND NEW CAR”. Then I caught myself and lit into him again. “We women should not be compared to a car or any other OBJECT. We are worth more than being SPERM DUMPS or SPERM TRASH CANS. We are WOMEN….. and if we are good enough to sex, we are good enough to LOVE!!!” He wasn’t hearing that at all. 
Now granted, not every woman wants a relationship. Many women are satisfied with a relationship that is purely SEXUAL. No attachments. Just physical pleasure. But say that instead of comparing women to USED CARS NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO TAKE ON THE HIGHWAY!!! I took his analogy to mean that some women are not worth taking a long trip with. Some women are not worth GOING THE DISTANCE WITH. 

Everybody is entitled to their opinion and not everybody wants to be in long term relationships. I get that, but when a man makes a statement like my brother did today, it just  makes me want to SCREAM. 
WOMEN, KNOW YOUR WORTH. Used cars, the ones with HIGH MILEAGE and minimal upkeep, usually only get LIABILITY insurance on them because they’re not worth getting COLLISION, COMPREHENSIVE, UNINSURED MOTORIST PROTECTION nor MEDICAL OR NO-FAULT insurance on. However, high-end used cars or used cars with low mileage and normal or above normal upkeep, usually WILL get at least COLLISION AND/OR COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE.
Women, don’t let a man reduce you to being his sperm dumping ground. If you see yourself as only good enough for that, chances are that you WILL only be good enough for that. 
                               You’re a QUEEN. Don’t get played by a JOKER!!!