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People With Disabilities Are PEOPLE Too!



The challenges people with disabilities face are not limited to the church building. Have you ever seen a deaf person trying to get help at the gas company? If they can’t read lips, they’re usually out of luck. There are no interpreters for them, and sometimes their problems are so detailed that trying to write out what they need is nearly impossible.

On this past Friday, a woman whom I didn’t know, walked up to me and invited me to her church this Sunday. Because my husband is in a wheelchair, I can never answer “YES” without considering if the place is wheelchair accessible for him. When I asked her was her church wheelchair accessible, she looked at me as if she was startled and said “No. We are not. Nobody has ever asked me that question”.┬áIt’s 2013 and some facilities can’t “afford” to upgrade their buildings to make them accessible for those in wheelchairs or for those like myself who have problems walking or climbing stairs. We want to make a change so that ALL MAY WORSHIP at the church building of their choice, instead of always having to go to Bedside Baptist Church of the Apostolic, A.M.E. Pentecostal Holiness Church of GOD in Christ television church.

It’s 2013 and it’s time for change. People with disabilities or CHALLENGES want equality inside and outside of the church. GOD is an equal-opportunity GOD. HE wants people to be free to worship HIM despite their challenges and people should be able to worship wherever they choose.

I think it’s sad that people who have not had to face any physical, mental, or developmental challenge are so non-compassionate towards people who have to face these challenges every day. Some people’s attitudes change so much that you would think a disabled person is nothing but a major problem to them. Disabled people are people too and should be treated as such, not looked down upon as a group of people who are in the way.

I know this part of the blog will face criticism, but just as equally as people are fighting for equal rights for same-sex couples, I feel as compassionate about this cause for people with disabilities or CHALLENGES. It’s time for the prejudice, ALL PREJUDICE to die.

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