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How many of know the difference between character, attitude and personality? Tonight we want to discuss character – our character vs Godly character. We also want to discuss attitude and personality of a Christian.

My Job As A Blogtalkradio Host

Some of you may know that I do an internet radio program – Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries-  on Blogtalkradio. I have been doing it for two years now. Amazing. I get spiritual strength by doing these broadcasts because they keep me on my toes. Sometimes it get’s overwhelming, depending on the topic, but most of the time, I completely enjoy it. I tackle all types of topics ranging from Genesis to Revelation, to real life issues such as physical abuse, drug addiction, living a secret life in the closet, and hurt. I realize some people don’t like to divulge their personal life, but it can be healing just to know that somebody else out there is dealing with the same things you may be going through. That is such a rewarding think to know that my circumstances or past “problems” could actually help somebody. 

I just wanted to take this time to invite you to listen in if you can. I also would like to invite you to be a guest. I do a Christian program but I also am going to be dealing with some issues concerning the world we live in.

My husband does a night on the program. He is physically challenged, having Cerebral Palsy. He is very intelligent and knowledgeable in the Word of GOD. Having a disability has been challenging for him both inside and outside of the church. He, however, has not let that stop him at all. He is the host on Monday evenings at 6 p.m. EDT. 

On Friday evenings at 6 p.m. EDT, a friend of mine named Diane Grimble – prophetess, takes over the broadcast. She talks about PERVERSION and soon she will be talking about lying. She is a warrior in the spirit and her teachings are full of wisdom and power.

I broadcast on Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. EDT. I am a talker so two hours goes very quickly for me. I teach from GOD’s Word and I am very transparent. I don’t sugar-coat nor do I try to water down the Word of GOD. Why? Because GOD didn’t water it down. 

So, you are cordially invited to tune in to our broadcast. We have two years of archives if you’d like to go through them and listen. 

I Know GOD is Real

Some believe GOD is real
Some think HE’s no big deal.
Some think GOD is cool
And because I believe in HIM, some call me a fool.
Some ask me how 
I believe in a GOD I can’t see?
And my answer to them is
“I simply believe”.
Who or what 
made the air that we breathe?
Who or what
made the grass and the trees?
Who or what
made mankind?
Who or what
made rain and sunshine?
I don’t know what to tell you
Except I Know GOD is Real.
And believe it or not
To me, GOD’S the REAL DEAL!