The Challenge Games- IT’S TIME TO PRAY

As a mother, I find it disturbing that the youth are coming up with some crazy challenges for one another. Here are a few examples:

  1. The “Set Yourself on Fire” challenge: Pour alcohol on you and set yourself on fire
  2. The “Pass-out” challenge: Take 20 deep breaths, then inhale and hold your breath. While you are holding your breath, someone pushes hard in your chest until you pass out
  3. The “Condom” challenge: Unwrap a condom, stretch it out, and then stick the closed end up one of your nostrils and then inhale it until you feel it coming down your throat. Once you feel it in your throat, proceed to pull it out of your mouth. (in through your nose and out through your mouth)
  4. The “Set a Potato Chip on Fire” challenge: Set a chip on fire and eat it while it is still burning
  5. The “Pour Boiling Water On Somebody” challenge: Boil a pot of water and pour it on the victim of your choice.

I don’t know how many more challenges like these are out there, but it is alarming what our youth are doing for a few laughs or for popularity. It is more than disturbing to see some of the youth who are participating in these challenges, actually get hurt or suffer some type of adverse outcome.

I believe NOW is the time to pray for our youth like never before. They are being influenced more and more to do things that could prove to be detrimental to their health – up to and including death.

I assume that the enemy was not satisfied with tempting children with drugs and sex. He has now raised the bar and our children are falling for it hook, line and sinker. We know that those who do not have the mind of Christ are slaves to sin, but those of us who do have the mind of Christ, ought to be standing in the gap for them…..praying…..interceding……and making sincere requests to God on their behalf.

Many of these children who are participating in these challenges are, for the most part, left unattended for various reasons. Many of the youth participating are old enough to know better but they are giving in to peer pressure. I actually saw a video of two female youth participating in the Pass-out challenge. One female did not want to do it, but her friend convinced her to do it and when she did, she passed out completely, to the point that her friend who convinced her, must have thought she was dead, because she ran away. She didn’t even try to help her friend.

Saints, brothers and sisters, let’s pray for our youth. Our youth are being controlled by the god of this world. Let’s pray and ask God to draw the youth to HIMSELF. Let’s bombard the throne of GOD and ask HIM to keep our youth from the evil one. I understand peer pressure. It’s not something new, but the stakes are higher now. Satan is determined to destroy our youth, one way or another, but we can PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. WE CAN TALK TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER AND ASK HIM TO SEND MINISTERING SPIRITS TO OUR YOUTH….AND OPEN THEIR EARS SO THAT THEY CAN HEAR GOD CALLING THEM.