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Prayer is a Lifeline To GOD

ImagePrayer is a lifeline to GOD. I don’t have to go to another person to get to GOD. I can fall on my knees, or sit in my chair, or lay prostrate on the floor. I could be driving, cooking or washing dishes and still use my lifeline of prayer to talk to GOD.
I know that sometimes, life happens and it seems tough but when I go to GOD in prayer, the roughness seems to fade away.

I know that GOD hears my prayers, when I go to HIM in sincerity. I know that GOD is willing and ready to answer my prayers, I just have to go to HIM, cast my cares upon HIM and allow HIM to help me do what I need HIM to help me to do.

I thank GOD for my lifeline called prayer. It is an essential part of life.
A songwriter wrote, Image“…Oh what griefs we often forfeit; Oh what needless pain we bear; all because we do not carry everything to GOD in prayer”. (See link for information about the writer and composer of song What A Friend We Have In JESUS):  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What_a_Friend_We_Have_in_Jesus

So I encourage you to use your lifeline of prayer to GOD. He Loves us and is ready to show us HIS love by answering our prayers.


Good Morning Father GOD!


Thank You for another day.

I thank You for this one more chance, to bend my knees and pray.Christianity,crosses,kneeling,praying,religion,symbols,silhouettes,women,people

I thank You for the trials,

which You have brought me through,

and I thank You for healing me, as only You can do.

I thank You for protection

from enemies and foes

and from dangers seen and unseen

some I’ll never know.

I thank You Father GOD

for this another day

And I thank You for this one more chance

To bend my knees and pray!