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Abuse: A Real Life Account – Women, Know Your Worth – Part 3

Where: Courtroom 415

Plaintiff/Victim: 40 year old female

Defendent/Offender: 38 year old male

Relationship Status: Married 4 years

Court Clerk: “Mrs. Jones, do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you GOD?”

Plaintiff: “I Do”

District Attorney: Mrs. Jones, can you please tell us what happened on the night of January 12, 2013?

Plaintiff: Yes. On that night, I had texted my husband to tell him to get out. In the text messages, I told him that I was packing all of his belongings and putting them downstairs and that I wanted him to come and get his stuff and get out.

DA: When you say, “My husband”, who are you referring to?

Plaintiff: Mr. Jones.

DA: Is Mr. Jones here in the courtroom today, and if so, can you point him out to us?

Plaintiff: Yes. Mr. Jones is right over there (pointing to the defendant who was sitting with attorney at the defendant’s table)

DA: Mrs. Jones, what led to you sending those text messages?

Plaintiff: There has been several instances of abuse and I was tired of it so I told him he had to leave.

DA: Please tell us what happened which led to why we are here.

Plaintiff: (crying) Well, when my husband received the text messages, he came home. I don’t know where he was prior to this but he came home and he was not too happy. When he came in the door, I was on the stairway bringing down some more of his belongings but when I saw him, I went back upstairs. He followed me into the bedroom. When he got in there, he was looking in the closet and I guess it hit him that I was serious and wanted him to leave. When her saw that I wasn’t playing, he turned around and began choking me. He choked me so hard that I passed out.

DA: How long were you passed out Mrs. Jones?

Plaintiff: I don’t know. When I woke up, my husband started choking me again and was saying “you think you just gonna put me out? You think you just gonna get rid of me like that?” I passed out again but I don’t know for how long. When I woke up, I tried to get away from my husband but he lunged at me. This time he had a box cutter in his hand and he started swinging on me. He cut my face and neck on the right side and he cut my left breast and he cut my right hand. I couldn’t believe what was happening. The blood was pouring from the cuts and I was crying. When my husband saw all of the blood, he stopped and started trying to help me stop the bleeding. As he was applying pressure to the cuts, he started crying and apologizing. He kept saying “I’m sorry baby. I’m so sorry”. My husband then told me to get up so he could take me to the hospital. So I got up and he walked me to the car, opened the passenger door and helped me in. He was driving very fast and was swerving all over the place. He was apologizing profusely. Because he was driving so erratically, I told him to pull over and let me drive. He did. As I drove, I told my husband that if he goes into the hospital with me, he was going to get arrested. He said “I know but I have to get you help”. So we pulled up to the emergency room entrance and my husband took me in and the nurses asked me what happened. I told them and they asked me if my husband was the one who did this and I said, “Yes”. Mr. Jones stood right there until the police came and questioned him. He told them what happened and they let him go. He went to our house and waited for the police to come get him. They did.

DA: No further questions, Your honor.

Judge: Mr. Howard, do you have any questions for the Plaintiff:

Defense Attorney: Yes Your Honor.

Judge: Proceed

Defense Attorney: Thank you Your Honor. Mrs. Jones, is it true that you and Mr. Jones had been arguing and fighting prior to you sending those text messages?

Plaintiff: No. We had not been arguing nor fighting that day.

Defense Attorney: Then what prompted you to send those text messages telling your husband to get out?

Plaintiff: My husband and I have not been getting along. He is abusive and I was just tired of being abused. He cheated on me, stayed out for days at a time and he would hit me when he felt like it.

Defense Attorney: So, on the night in question, Mr. Jones had not physically attacked you before you sent the texts?

Plaintiff: No

Defense Attorney: Mrs. Jones, you stated that Mr. Jones came in while you were on the steps bringing down the remainder of his belongings. When he came in the door, did you say anything to him?

Plaintiff: No

Defense Attorney: Did Mr. Jones say anything to you?

Plaintiff: No. Not until we got into the bedroom.

Defense Attorney: Mrs. Jones, let’s get to the part where Mr. Jones began choking you. Had you done anything to cause him to begin choking you?

Plaintiff: (looking puzzled and angry) No. He was angry because I had taken all of his belongings out of the closet. He realized I was serious about him leaving and that’s why he began choking me.

Defense Attorney: Mrs. Jones, didn’t you testify that after Mr. Jones had cut you that he tried his best to stop the bleeding and then, even though he knew he was facing being arrested, drove you to the hospital?

Plaintiff: Yes

Defense Attorney: Didn’t you also testify that the defendant, Mr. Jones kept apologizing to you?

Plaintiff: Yes.

Defense Attorney: Is it safe to say that the defendant was showing remorse for what he had done to you?

Plaintiff: Yes

Defense Attorney: No further questions, Your Honor

Judge: Mrs. Jones, you may step down.

DA: Your honor, I would like to say that although the defendant did say he was sorry, repeatedly and did drive my client to the hospital, he DID this heinous crime. I petition the court to remand Mr. Jones to jail and to keep his bail at half a million dollars until the court hearing because my client fears for her life. Thank you Your Honor.

Judge to the Defense Attorney: Mr. Howard

Defense Attorney: Thank you Your Honor. I would like to ask the court if Your Honor would consider reducing the bail of my client. It is currently half a million dollars and I think that is unreasonable. As the court heard, Mr. Jones was very remorseful after attacking Mrs. Jones. He demonstrated that remorse by telling Mrs.Jones that he was sorry and by attempting to drive her to the hospital, knowing that arrest was imminent. Your Honor, my client is a well-respected working citizen. I have letters from his job which state that he is an exemplary employee. His mother has just been diagnosed with cancer and his grandmother’s health is rapidly failing and Mr. Jones’ income is what the family depends on to help them make financial ends meet. Without his income, they are going to be hurting. Plus, Your Honor, my client has had one incident with the law and that was several years ago. I was not a felony and Mr. Jones has not been in any trouble with the law since that incident. I am requesting a bail reduction for my client so that he can post bail and get back to work. Thank you  Your Honor.

Judge (after deliberating): Mr. Howard, your request for bail reduction is DENIED. Mr. Jones will remain in jail until his trial in March. To the court clerk; Please give a date for the court appearance.

Clerk: March 4, 2013 10:00 a.m. in court room 905.

Judge: Thank you clerk. Attorneys, You all are dismissed. Image

I‘m sad to report that I actually witnessed this case in court this past Thursday. I was there to support my sister in an unrelated ABUSE case. The names have been changed but the story is real. Too many women are going through this. I noticed that Mrs. Jones did not call the police. She didn’t want to be the one to call. It seemed that she was scared to call the police so she let him take her to the hospital because she KNEW the police would get him and he couldn’t blame her.

As I watched the plaintiff when she gave her account of what happened, I kept glaring over at the defendant who sat in his seat with his head hung.I wanted to reach over the banister and clunk him in his head. The cuts he gave his wife were no less than two inches in length. She received a total of 19 stitches for here wounds. I can’t say Mr. Jones wasn’t remorseful, but all I could think about is “what if that knife would have cut her jugular vein?” Women, if you are in an abusive relationship, please go and get a restraining order or go to a safe place where your abuser can’t get to you. Too many women are unlucky and have met their deaths at the hands of an abuser.

FYI: My sister has left her abuser and that’s why she was in court. Her abuser is vindictive and because she left him, he filed false charges against her and her new husband.

Women, Know Your Worth.


Just Grateful

Sometimes we forget about the “important” things. You know, like breathing; having food; having electric, gas and hot water. Having the freedom to choose what clothes we’re going to wear today or what channel we are going to watch on television. Sometimes we take the ability to walk, see and talk for granted. We even take our freedom in these United States for granted. Sure, things in these United States could be much better, but they could also be much worse. As of right now, we still have choices we can make without being carted off to jail. We can choose whom to marry (man/man, woman/woman(in some states), or man/woman in any state); we can choose whether or not to go to college as well as choose whether or not to bring forth a child. We can choose our religion or we can choose to worship a tree, rock or anything. We can choose where to live (in most cases – some people can’t choose to live certain places because of hate crimes and racism which refuses to die); We can choose what school to send our child to or we can home school them. People can choose whether or not to go into the military and who to vote for. We can choose what doctor and/or hospital to go to (in the majority of cases); We can chose to consume pork, chicken, beef or fish or we can choose to be vegetarian.
Bottom line is this: I’m just grateful……..What about you?