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The simple things in my life mean a lot

My husband and I just had a fun time. We went to the store, he in his powered wheelchair and me in the manual wheelchair. It was a struggle for me to navigate the sidewalks but there were some very nice people out there today who were offering to help me. Thank You God for that. On the way back home, I had spent ALL OF MY ENERGY so my husband suggested that I hold on to the back of HIS WHEELCHAIR and he pull me home. I did it and it was so much fun. It felt like being on some type of amusement park ride. Now we’re back home and he is cooking breakfast on that beautifully, just cleaned stove (I cleaned it this morning at 6 o’clock). FUN, FOOD and LOVE with the Scott’s. Enjoy your day!

IF ~ A Poem For My “Challenged Friends”

If he never gets out of a wheelchair
Does that make him less of a man?
How do you know that him in the wheelchair
Isn’t a part of GOD’s perfect plan?
Don’t look at what he can’t do
But check out what he can do?
Just because he’s in a wheelchair
Does that make him less than you?
If she never can use her voice
to talk like you and me
Do you think GOD can’t use her
Her hands to sign prophecy?
Maybe he can’t talk like you
Using 30, 40 or 50 dollar words
But GOD has given him a message
A message that WILL be heard!
So don’t look at the package
and decide what he or she CAN’T do
But look to his/her creator
And know GOD works through them, too.

By Theresa J. Scott