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No Limits; No Boundaries!

 I CAN (and will) Do ALL Things Through Christ Which Strengthens Me ~ Philippians 4:13

I recently saw a video by Oprah Winfrey featuring Nick Vujicic, a man born with no arms and no legs. Against all odds, he got married and he and his wife have a beautiful baby boy.

Now I think that had I been born without legs and arms, I may have been depressed, angry at God or maybe even suicidal. But this man, although he did try to commit suicide at the age of 10, found a way to LIVE LIFE with No Limits and No Boundaries. He is a living witness that he CAN do all things through Christ which strengthens him. Philippians 4:13

Have you ever felt like there were/are limits or boundaries on your life? Have you ever felt like “I just can’t do this or that”? I know I have, and what I have discovered by watching this man, Nick Vujicic, is that most of the time, I limit myself. I set boundaries on myself. 

Some of you know that I have Lupus and many days, I feel defeated because this condition is very debilitating. There are days where I AM limited in my body, but not in my mind. For a short period of time, after I first got diagnosed, I wallowed in self-pity and would not go out of the house because I allowed the diagnosis of Lupus to LIMIT ME and keep me BOUND. I feared Lupus and I gave in to the fear, which rendered me unable to work. I was depressed. I was questioning God and wondered why, out of 13 children, did I wind up with this chronic condition. I felt like my life had been cursed and I lived like I was cursed. 

Then one day, like Nick, I realized life was worth living. I realized I didn’t want to be limited and I sure didn’t want to be bound. I made up my mind that I, too, CAN do ALL THINGS through Christ which strengthens me. I had to talk to myself and come out of self-pity and LIVE again. I had to speak life to myself because the Bible teaches us that DEATH AND LIFE are in the POWER OF THE TONGUE! ~ Proverbs 18:21 That means that I can speak LIFE or I can speak DEATH. I choose LIFE. 

I want to encourage anybody reading this article to take the limits off of your life by changing your thinking about your situation. You may be in a wheelchair, have lost limbs or born without limbs. You may have some mental challenges, but once you take control of your thoughts and your tongue, you will see a difference.

Joyce Meyer wrote a book entitled “The Battlefield of the Mind”. That book teaches one how to come out of WRONG THINKING and WRONG SPEAKING!

So when you are facing challenges, instead of saying “I Can’t”, say “I Can”. Say it until you believe it. Say it until you see yourself doing what your mind or somebody has told you you can’t do. Remind yourself that through Christ, you can do some things all things. 

You may not be able to run like Carl Lewis. You may not be able to sing like Carrie Underwood. You may not be a surgeon, teacher, basketball player or whatever, but you ARE who GOD created you to be and you are the best you that could ever be! Change your thinking and speaking about yourself.

I encourage you as I encourage myself. NO LIMITS; NO BOUNDARIES!