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I know that there are many things to pray for and 20-25 minutes may not seem like a lot, but prayer can change things no matter how long or short the time is.

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People With Disabilities Are PEOPLE Too!


The challenges people with disabilities face are not limited to the church building. Have you ever seen a deaf person trying to get help at the gas company? If they can’t read lips, they’re usually out of luck. There are no interpreters for them, and sometimes their problems are so detailed that trying to write out what they need is nearly impossible.

On this past Friday, a woman whom I didn’t know, walked up to me and invited me to her church this Sunday. Because my husband is in a wheelchair, I can never answer “YES” without considering if the place is wheelchair accessible for him. When I asked her was her church wheelchair accessible, she looked at me as if she was startled and said “No. We are not. Nobody has ever asked me that question”. It’s 2013 and some facilities can’t “afford” to upgrade their buildings to make them accessible for those in wheelchairs or for those like myself who have problems walking or climbing stairs. We want to make a change so that ALL MAY WORSHIP at the church building of their choice, instead of always having to go to Bedside Baptist Church of the Apostolic, A.M.E. Pentecostal Holiness Church of GOD in Christ television church.

It’s 2013 and it’s time for change. People with disabilities or CHALLENGES want equality inside and outside of the church. GOD is an equal-opportunity GOD. HE wants people to be free to worship HIM despite their challenges and people should be able to worship wherever they choose.

I think it’s sad that people who have not had to face any physical, mental, or developmental challenge are so non-compassionate towards people who have to face these challenges every day. Some people’s attitudes change so much that you would think a disabled person is nothing but a major problem to them. Disabled people are people too and should be treated as such, not looked down upon as a group of people who are in the way.

I know this part of the blog will face criticism, but just as equally as people are fighting for equal rights for same-sex couples, I feel as compassionate about this cause for people with disabilities or CHALLENGES. It’s time for the prejudice, ALL PREJUDICE to die.

If you would like to join us for this broadcast which will air live, EVERY MONDAY evening at 6 p.m., please click the link above or call in via skype or 1-323-693-3054. We’d Love to Hear from You.

I was working at the gas company one day and I just sat there and observed people as the came in. In particular, I was looking at their footwear. Some had on sandals, some had dress shoes, while many who came in had on sneakers…you know, the ones with the “Just Do It” logo. They were in many different colors, sizes and styles. Rather nice looking footwear. However, most of those same people who had on the expensive “Just Do It” footwear were the same people who were standing in line trying to get their gas turned back on or trying to get on a low payment budget program. Does anybody see anything wrong with this picture? 
PRIORITIES. How you gonna ask to be on a budget payment plan when you’re rocking one of the highest costing sneakers out there? At the least, come in with a pair of old sneakers and ask to be on a budget plan.
What does this have to do with Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries? Nothing at all but it made me thing about PRIORITIES.  Some people would rather look good vs paying their bills. Now it’s about to be cold and they need heat so they want the gas company to give them a break. Did they ask the “Just Do It” people to give them a break on the price of their sneakers? I think not and even if they did, the “Just Do It” people would not have even entertained the idea of giving them a break.
In the Christian world, we have not always gotten our priorities right, either. When we should be praying, we are looking at television, on the phone or doing something else. When we should be reading/meditating on the Word of GOD, we are doing other things. Why? Priorities. What really matters? What is more important? 
My prayer:
Father GOD, help me to get my priorities right. I know I have to work to make money to pay bills and to get things I need and want, but GOD, I want You to be my number 1 priority.  In Jesus’ Name. AMEN


2012 – 2013  Out Of A Pure Heart

2012 – 2013

 Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries

 Help For The Homeless

 Outreach Program


The Instrument:

Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries believes it has obtained and is in the process of implementing a simple (Notice the term used here is “simple” and not “easy”.) hybrid of Servant Evangelism and “Needs Based” Outreach to serve as an introduction to reach a large cross culture population that maintains the state of the person’s relationship with Christ as the primary focus.  It is suggested that beginning immediately we will begin to collect articles and make up both “Bible/Blanket” Bags and Baskets to be used as introduction tools to reach the homeless, street culture, battered women and poor of Philadelphia, PA. This is a perpetual effort. Each bag or basket should consist of: 1 waterproof bag (to be used with the homeless backpacks/duffel bags and battered women duffel bags), 1 blanket, a personal hygiene kit consisting of male/female specific items and a Bible as well as a credit card size plastic magnifying lens in case the person receiving the bag has vision problems.

There should be stamped into the inter-cover of the Bible the name and contact information of someone who represents the Church so that the receiving person can get in touch with us should they want to speak, come to Church or to simply have someone to pray with them. A book mark designed for this purpose and inserted into the Bible would also suffice. The purpose of the bag is this: The bag uses the needs of warmth and hygiene to put the Bible in the hands of the person in need. It is also designed to allow us through meeting the need of warmth and hygiene to verbally and relationally say in a moment of compassion that “Christ loves you and we care about your physical and spiritual condition”. It is simply an introduction tool. A way for Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries and those working in the ministry to introduce themselves to the person in need and to encourage the development of relationships. It is through these relationships that the Spirit will be better enabled to work more than anything we could say or do in a 5 minute gorilla evangelism speech.

Bags are to be distributed by hand to homeless people outside of shelters when they are on the street and in need of warmth and hygiene items. Bags should also be distributed by hand if possible to battered women placed in Shelters.

(It must be noted that a relationship should be developed by someone in the Church with area shelters so that we can have someone approved for visitation.)

Bags for young children should also be developed for this purpose as well as homeless families who have children. (Yes, it does happen.)  It is suggested that the same items used to make up the duffel bags and back packs can also make up baskets for delivery to shut-ins. These baskets should be hand delivered shortly after realizing the person is shut-in. This gives those making the deliveries the opportunity to begin to develop a relationship in a joyfully surprising and compassionate moment to the person receiving the basket and enables the minister to possibly identify additional needs that may be met by other ministries and organizations in the community.

Again, these are only introduction tools to enable relationships to be begin.

Each relationship requires care and attention. Only those who have a desire to witness Christ to the hopeless and the helpless need participate. This ministry is to be done in an in person, relational nature. We should not assemble bags and then deliver them to other facilities for distribution. The shelters have soap and blankets but they do sometimes run out before the end of the month!  It is the people on the street who do not, the women and children in battered women’s shelters who usually have nothing at all when they arrive and it is the shut-in who feels deserted and is often cold. It is these that Christ loves and is these that we should be serving.

 The Hope:

The desired result from an effort such as Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries, is that relationships will be started and cultivated to the point that we will see the people we are reaching through those relationships come to Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Savior.  It is also hoped that the poor and street culture who see our witness to the homeless will be more readily accepting of our attempts to develop relationships with them. Reaching the homeless on the street will put us in many of the same locations that the areas the poor and street culture frequent.

 The Need

Based on the provided information it is estimated that Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries should assemble 200 homeless bags per month for immediate distribution.

The Collection:

The Following are only examples of the potential costs of bag and basket assembly. It should be noted that it is encouraged to seek donations of good serviceable materials from church members, friends and families of members,

co-workers, hotels and other businesses.

Duffel Bags – $3.85 per

Back Packs – $3:49 per

Children’s Back Packs – $3.47 per

Blankets – $3.49 per or $125.64 for a case of 36

Combs – $.03 per or $52.63 for a case of 2160

Hair Brushes – $.80 per or $115.20 for a case of 144

Ladies Razors – $.09 per or $68.40 for a case of 720

Soap – $.05 per or $46.49 for a case of 1000

Shampoo – $.26 per or $24.12 for a case of 96

Alcohol Free Mouthwash – $.33 per or $31.58 for a case of 96

Toothpaste – $.43 per or $61.90 for a case of 144

Toothbrushes – $.06 per or $80.70 for a case of 1440

Feminine Pads – $.06 per or $73.44 for a case of 1152

Men’s Crew Socks – $.52 pair or $193.44 for a case of 372 pairs

Women’s Crew Sock – $.69 pair or $41.40 for a case of 60 pairs

Baskets – $.95 per or 91.20 for a case or 96

Magic Gloves and Hats – $184.80

(This is an assortment of winter Knit Hats and Magic Stretch Gloves.

In this package you will receive 60 Adult Knit Hats, 60 Children’s Knit Hats, 60 pair of Full Size Gloves, and 60 pair of Children’s Gloves.)

All Items listed above are found at “Dollar Days”, or similar sites online.

NKJV Paperback Bibles – $1.49 each at Christian Book Distributors

Magnifier Reading Aid – $313 for a case of 500 available at

 An Expectant Future

It is hoped that this ministry might one day see an Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries established in the poorest area of Philadelphia, PA with it’s own Pastor who might see to the needs of the population segments mentioned in this writing.  A place souls could call their own and know that a place of ministry and discipleship is available and prepared to meet their spiritual needs. Through this effort it is also hoped that we as members of the Body of Christ will begin to re-learn just what it is we are called to do as faithful believers and that we are all called to serve the “least of these”, as stated in St. Matthew 25:40-46.  As this ministry begins to take it’s first steps in the Philadelphia, PA area, it’s success will be an example to all ministries and outreach bodies, and will enable us to provide a model to share with them. Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries was conceived in the network model in which any church, local or abroad; could adapt it’s philosophy in ministry to their own local needs.

 A Work In Progress

As of the writing of this document, Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries is in the process of contacting other local ministries, resource agencies, companies, and individuals, here in Philadelphia, PA, seeking further assistance in the acquisition of the resources (ie.. Listed Items, Funds, Location for storage and Distribution, as well as adequate transportation); to accommodate this ongoing effort.

If you or your ministry, business, or organization would like to join in this effort, or would like further information about the activities of this ministry, please feel free to contact us at:

Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries

C/O:  Homeless & Shelter Program

Thank you for your time, patience and prayerful support.

In Christ,

Elder Theresa J. Scott
Refuge of God Church Ministries (Founder/Overseer: Bishop Gerald W. Scott)
Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries

Women Broken/Women Whole Ministries

First, I want to thank Shaun over at



First, I want to thank Shaun over at prayingforoneday for this nomination. I really appreciate it and it makes me feel like I am making a difference. I don’t really feel like I’ve been in the game long enough but I humbly thank you Shaun for this honor. GOD bless you.

I would like to pass this award on to 15 bloggers and they are:


Sahm King


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Opinionated Man





Seven things about myself:
1. I am a Christian. I believe in GOD the Father and JESUS CHRIST the Son of GOD and the Holy Spirit.

2. I will be 49 on May 5 (by mom’s calculation), or on May 6 (by the date on my birth certificate) LOL

3. I am married to a wonderful man. We’ve been together for 14 years, married for 13 1/2

4. I birthed three beautiful children and inherited one by marriage. I have a cutie pie grandson named Jeremiah (from my youngest son) and two grandchildren from my child I inherited.

5. I have a hard exterior but I get hurt easily

6. I am an Evangelist/pastor

7. I love to write and do office work. 


ImageBlogtalkradio business card created by Sahm King. He didn’t ask me to post this but I love his work so, as his mother, I’m posting it. If you like it, contact him.
I broadcast on Spreaker and Blogtalkradio simultaneously (most days). I can also be found on YouNow but rarely.
My programs are based on my knowledge of the Bible. I love to talk about the Bible even though I have experienced some things that would cause some to believe that there isn’t a GOD.

The things which I experienced in my life, although hard, and at times devastating, have made me strong although I do have bouts with weakness.

I do believe in GOD. I believe we are all here for a purpose and one of my purposes is writing to help others get through what they are going through. I also write to relieve anxiety and anger – anger aboout having Lupus. Anger about having fibromyalgia, Sjogrens, Paget’s disease, A-fib and now possible M.S. But through it all, I thank GOD for this gift of writing. I know sometimes my writings sound scatter-brained and maybe that’s because sometimes my emotions run high and at other times, they just run…..LOL

I do believe that if I didn’t believe in GOD, I would probably have died already. I have a strong conviction about GOD. I have never seen HIM in person, but I believe HE IS REAL. I don’t claim to understand why GOD allows some of the things that go on, but I believe that HE has a purpose for it all.

For all of the hate that is in the world, GOD IS LOVE.
For all the pain that is in the world, GOD is a healer.
For all the war that is in the world, GOD is peace.
For the death that is in the world, GOD is life.
Some may not want to agree with this post, but it’s my truth. I’ve prayed to the invisible GOD and I have gotten visible results most of the time. There are things I have prayed for and have not yet seen the manifestation but yet I believe I will see those things come to pass.
I believe that in this mortal body, I will never truly come to know GOD for who HE REALLY IS, but as long as I live, I will strive to get to know HIM MORE AND MORE.

The horrible things that are happening in the world serve only as a reminder that one day this life will be over. No more tears, no more pain, no more separation from loved ones, no more fear. Yes, I believe in GOD and I will proclaim it as long as I live and when I cease to live on this earth any longer, my writings will live on.

So, good night and God bless each and everyone of you.

(side note to Sahm and Michelle: Not depressed, not sad (except for those injured and murdered in Boston and throughout the world)…..Insider…..LOL. I love you guys!!!

If loving GOD is wrong, I don’t want to be right
I’d rather shun darkness and instead, walk in the light.
If loving GOD is wrong, I’d rather be wrong than right
because Loving GOD feels good and is good in GOD’S SIGHT.
Loving GOD means hating evil
Pursuing what is right
Loving your fellow man
and walking in HIS LIGHT.
Loving GOD means Truth
and pursuing HIS WAYS
Loving GOD means 
You’ll follow HIM all of your days.

Yesterday I saw a post by a person I’ve known for many years. She posted a picture of her arm with a bullet wound and she said she got the wound from her husband. In fact, she said, “Thanks John (phony name) for shooting me”. It was the first post I saw on Facebook and I was completely shaken by what I saw and read from this person whom I’ve known for many years. Why was I surprised?, I asked myself. She, through the eight years of marriage, has been abused over and over again. In fact, she is not only abused by her husband, but is also abused by her adult daughter and was abused by her mother. So she is no stranger to abuse. However, I couldn’t help but feel anger towards her because I felt like she knows her husband is a drug user and abuser but she keeps letting him back into her apartment – into her life – because of…the SEX!!! And then again, she is CO-DEPENDENT. She cannot function without being abused. When I realized that, the anger turned into sorrow for her. I began to remember how, as an abused woman, I was constantly drawn back to my abuser. I, too, was unable to function without being abused in some way, shape or form. I remembered how it hurt so bad to be abused, but it felt so strange when the abuse was not there.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, to a person who has been abused for years, it’s not crazy to them. It’s their normal and anything you say to them, as far as leaving their abuser or staying away from their abuser, sounds foreign to them. They can’t function outside of abuse. They have become dependent on being abused.

I have prayed for my friend in hopes that she will flee her abuser. Why? Because she deserves better. All abused people deserve better.

I see how her abusive husband has changed her. I see how she drinks and curses and fights with him. I hear how she SAYS she is tired of the abuse but in moments of weakness, she allows him back into her life. Not because of fear, but because of LONELINESS.

Oh GOD, I know YOU ARE REAL. Please deliver my friend from this cycle of abuse. Please heal her and give her somebody who will love her and please, GOD, let her know and accept the fact that YOU did NOT create her to be abused. IN JESUS’ NAME, I PRAY AND Thank YOU GOD. AMEN

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My Prayer Before I Slumber
Before I go to bed tonight
I must make sure my heart is right.
Did I love my friends today?
Did I love them My Father’s Way?
Did I do that which was right?
Was I pleasing in GOD’S SIGHT?
Did I forgive wrongs done to me?
Did I pray for my enemy?
Did I let my light shine?
Or did I murmur, complain and whine?
Did I meditate on GOD’S WORD?
Did my words cut like a sword?
Did I give with a cheeerful heart?
Was I real or was I just playing a part?
Did I ask GOD to forgive my sin?
Did I tell Him I won’t sin again?
Did I treat my brothers right?
Was I pleasing in GOD’S sight?
What I didn’t do do right today
Please give me another chance, Dear GOD I pray.

Before I close my sleepy eyes
I want to help my friends realize
that GOD is love
HE always was
GOD loves you
Just because
There’s no work that we can do
To make GOD love both me and you.
GOD loves us so much
That HE sent HIS SON
JESUS THE CHRIST, the begotten one.
He gave His life for you and me
He gave His life on Calvary
So before You go to bed tonight
Please make sure your heart is right.

(c) copyright November 28, 2012 Evangelist Theresa J. Scott