Books by T.J. Scott

The Lust of Her Flesh: A Christian Woman’s Real Life Struggles

Sasha, a beautiful, single woman, who happens to be a Christian is desperate for true love. Having been unsuccessful in her pursuit in finding that love, Sasha goes through a series of life-altering situations that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat – one moment rooting for her and the next moment, wanting to slap some sense into her.

Sasha’s life is drastically turned upside down by a series of unfortunate situations, one of which includes a love triangle with an unlikely person from her past.

If you think you’ve heard it all, you haven’t until you’ve read this emotionally charged drama of love, betrayal, backsliding, suicide and repentance that will have you coming back for more.

THE LUST OF HER FLESH, A Christian Woman’s Real Life Struggles“, is an honest, no-holds barred novel that will keep you on the edge your seat, from cover to cover. Sasha, the protagonist in this book, who, though professing to be a Christian, still finds herself yielding to the lust of her flesh. Some of the twists and turns that happen to her and to those that she loves the most is what makes this book such a great read. Available online on Createspace and in paperback and on in Kindle and paperback forms. Also available on and on all outlets in the U.S. and abroad.

This is a Christian Fiction Romance Novel. Although the characters are fictious, they come alive in this tale of love gone wrong.
A Provacative Tale of Lust and Redemption


book cover

An Attitude of Love: The Ways of A Godly Wife is a true life testimony of how God helped me to change my attitude towards my husband – to begin to see him as God see’s him. I share how I went from a hurt little girl in a woman’s body, to a healed, delivered woman who is now a crown to her husband’s head.

This book is available on in paperback and e-book form. Also available on in paperback form.

Dear Lord, I Think I Married The Wrong Person

In Dear Lord, I Think I Married The Wrong Person, I am one of 14 authors. My story “Unholy Matrimony” is the second chapter in the book and I discuss how I married a man whom I knew God was not leading me to marry, but because I just wanted to be loved/wanted, I married this drug using, cheating, stealing man. Now, this is NOT a MAN-BASHING book. However, each woman candidly tells her story of how she got into the relationship, the struggles, and the victories.
This book can be ordered by contacting me at

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Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries is a Ministry under Refuge of GOD Ministries (Bishop Gerald W. Scott). Out of A Pure Heart Ministries was birthed during a very difficult time in our lives. My husband and I were living in motels because we had been evicted out of our home due to my husband falling down the steps and breaking his hip. While in the motel, one day we went to the Library and the Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit and said "Out Of A Pure Heart". Out of A Pure Heart Ministries also has a ministry within it called Women Broken/Women Whole. Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries ministers to people who are homeless by providing seasonal clothing and shoes; food, and money. Women Broken/Women Whole's focus is on women who have been physically and or/ emotionally abused. As a woman who has dealt with emotional and physical abuse as a result of being in foster care and unhealthy, unholy relationships, I know all too well about the pain these women suffer. We minister love, forgiveness and the Word of GOD to these women who also, in many cases, are substance abusers and suffer from fear, anxiety and low self-esteem.

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