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Turning Up The Gospel With Lady T is an online radio broadcast which features Indie/Non-Indie Gospel recording artists, legendary Gospel recording artists, Christian Rappers, comedians, Spoken Word artists, as well as Christian Authors.

Turning Up The Gospel With Lady T was born on Friday, November 21, 2014.

Turning Up The Gospel With Lady T believes Proverbs 18:16 “Your Gift WILL Make Room For You”.

Turning Up The Gospel’s mission is to bring hope to the hopeless, joy to those without joy, and a smile to those who feel that they have no reason to smile, and we do it through music, comedy and the spoken/written word.

I encourage you to visit us on Friday evenings at 6:00 p.m. EST by checking out Turning Up The Gospel’s Facebook page or by calling 1-323-693-3054 to listen by phone.

Each week, we have new and exciting guests.

Past Guests include,
Isaac Carree (Clean This House, Right Now, In The Middle)
The New Christianaires (Gospel Quartet)
VellVett (Gospel Hip Hop)
Lady Voncile Belcher (Former Lead Singer for Georgia Mass Choir)
Livre (Young recording group)
The Supreme 7 of Florida (Gospel Quartet)
Sounds of Imani (Gospel Duo)
Evangelist Joyce Simmons
Howard Sapp (Cousin of Marvin Sapp)
Mary Bennet (Gospel Queen Mary)
Darrell Jay Jones (Promoter)

Christian Rapper Tornado 4:18 (12/26/14)
Eddie Daniels (12/26/14)

J Nichole Jones  (1/2/15)
Theresa Pinkney 1/2/15)

Tonya Ware (1/9/15)
Stephanie Josiah (1/9/15) Spoken Word Artist

Pastor Antoine Hutchins (1/16/15)
Melvin Green (1/16/15)

Duncan & Rochelle (1/23/15)
Marlo Moore (1/23/15)

Kerri Pomarotti (1/30/15) Christian Comedian/Author
Freeman Da Gospel Rapper (1/30/15)

Niyoki  (2/6/15)
Joshua Israel The Praise One (2/6/15)

Ed Loving, a.k.a. Da Truth (2/13/15)
Angel Sessions (2/13/15)

LIVRE 3 11-24-14Isaac Caree11-28-14Christian Rapper Tornado 4-18  1Eddie Daniels 2Gospel Queen Mary 2Howard Sapp CD coverJoyce Simmons promo (1)New ChristianairesPromo Picture for 12-5-14

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