From This To That

ImageI remember the days when I felt like the entire world was against me

But in reality

I was my worst enemy!

I allowed negative thoughts to control my mind

Not realizing I had given them the power,

The power to consume me.

I dreaded each day as if the day hated me

Not realizing that the day had come with offers of opportunities

which awaited me

If I would only embrace them.

But no! I was used to the negative thoughts

We had gotten very acquainted and they’d become my friends.

Then one day – out of the blue

I took a long, hard look in the mirror and realized

Life is what I make it

The power of change is within ME.

I can continue to allow the negative to rule and ruin my life

or I can wake up, snap out of it

and think, speak and do POSITIVE.

I went from

This to That

and That






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