My Prayer Before I Slumber
Before I go to bed tonight
I must make sure my heart is right.
Did I love my friends today?
Did I love them My Father’s Way?
Did I do that which was right?
Was I pleasing in GOD’S SIGHT?
Did I forgive wrongs done to me?
Did I pray for my enemy?
Did I let my light shine?
Or did I murmur, complain and whine?
Did I meditate on GOD’S WORD?
Did my words cut like a sword?
Did I give with a cheeerful heart?
Was I real or was I just playing a part?
Did I ask GOD to forgive my sin?
Did I tell Him I won’t sin again?
Did I treat my brothers right?
Was I pleasing in GOD’S sight?
What I didn’t do do right today
Please give me another chance, Dear GOD I pray.

Before I close my sleepy eyes
I want to help my friends realize
that GOD is love
HE always was
GOD loves you
Just because
There’s no work that we can do
To make GOD love both me and you.
GOD loves us so much
That HE sent HIS SON
JESUS THE CHRIST, the begotten one.
He gave His life for you and me
He gave His life on Calvary
So before You go to bed tonight
Please make sure your heart is right.

(c) copyright November 28, 2012 Evangelist Theresa J. Scott

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