The Lusts of Her Flesh

11-5-15 Lust of Her Flesh NEW COVER

My NEW book, “The Lusts of Her Flesh: A Christian Woman’s Real Life Struggles”  is available for PRE-ORDER for Kindle on…….Starting today! This is NOT an erotic book, but rather, it is a book about a young woman who happens to be a Christian. She has goes through a series of life-altering events which dramatically change her life. For a time, she walks away from God to pursue the lust of her flesh and it gets her into situations which she prays for God to get her out of.
There are other characters who are dealing with real life issues as well. Some of the situations the book deals with are:

physical/emotional abuse
sexual abuse
relationship with God
Drug abuse/Addiction

Get your pre-order in Today! and I THANK YOU in advance for your support.

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