Men, Know Your Worth – Sagging

It’s been a while but I just wanted to take the time to give a brief note of encouragement to the men out there.
One day, as I was riding up the escalator, there was a young man in front of me who had on a pair of jeans which were half way up and half way down. His undergarments were exposed and he appeared to have wanted to have it that way. He had a young woman with him and she seemed to be unaware of the fact that this guy was walking around with his pants half up and half down.
So, what’s the problem? Guys, it’s not cute seeing a man’s undergarments as he is trying to walk. Some of you look like you need to run to a toilet and “dump” while others look like at any moment, your pants are going to fall off. Why?
If the story is true that this fashion choice happened as a result of prisoners using that as a means to let other prisoners know that they were available for anal sex, is that something you want to present outside of prison? Are you trying to let general population know that you are available for anal sex?

Well, I can hear some of you say that it’s just a fashion statement. Ok, If that’s what you are trying to get across! However, in Philadelphia, it just seems like the thing to do. I’ve even seen some men walking abound with their pants down to the middle of their thighs.and a belt tightly bound so the pants won’t drop any further.
I’ve even seen some  men walking around with their young sons with THEIR pants hanging off of their butts. 

Men, I will respect you more with your pants up. Looking at your pants hanging off of your butt is a turn-off. I couldn’t even tell anyone how a man looks if he is walking around with his pants hanging off of his butt. 

Your worth is NOT IN YOUR butt.

Unfortunately, you could be a man of great character but just because you wear your pants off of your butt, it automatically lumps you in with the guys who are gang bangers, thieves, murderers, and those who hang on street corners selling drugs.

I realize this is my opinion and I am not trying to offend anyone but Men, Know Your Worth and please, PULL UP YOUR DARN PANTS.

8 thoughts on “Men, Know Your Worth – Sagging”

  1. I agree! Pull up the pants! Whenever I see this I ask them how many packs of cigarettes they are worth. I get to laugh hysterically while they stand there confused. I make my own fun. 🙂

      1. When you watch a prison movie, the “new inmate” gets traded around for a price. The currency is usually packs of cigarettes. Whether it is true or not, I have no idea.

  2. I love the pants-halfway-down-the-legs trend. I enjoy staring at these judgement-impaired individuals and trying to figure out exactly how the pants are staying up. Do they have to widen their stance to keep the pants from falling, or do they have some sort of invisible suspenders? Maybe they wear sticky underwear to stop the pants from sliding off. It’s the little mysteries that make life so fun 🙂

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