7-9-14 My Bucket List

There are some things that I would love to do before I die. I’m 50 so I guess I better get started.

  1. I would LOVE to go on a cruise. I am afraid of the water but I think I could get on a huge ship that sails to the Bahamas or to some other island. We’ve been to the Bahamas before so maybe I’d like to try the Virgin Islands….
  2. I would love to go to Paris. It seems so romantic
  3. I want to be reunited with four special people in my life
  4. I want to get my novels published and be featured on the NY Times bestsellers list
  5. I want to move to a state where my ministry dreams can be realized
  6. I want to own my own business………making gift bags for the homeless and for mothers and children in shelters. I’d also like to do the same for men’s shelters
  7. I want to have a WOMEN’S SHELTER HOUSE
    This shelter/house is for battered women and women who have successfully completed a drug/alcohol rehab program.
    This shelter/house will give the women a safe haven. During their stay, they will be trained in life skills, be treated for emotional/physical abuse (treated by certified doctors). This house will also have a 24 hour childcare facility as the shelter/house will be open 24/7. There’s a whole lot more to this.
  8. I’d love to help my oldest son to get his photography career off the ground. He’s a great photographer.
  9. I want to broadcast on other radio stations, spreading the Word of God.

I used to think Bucket Lists were crazy, but now I have one and I’d love to see everything on it come to pass. There’s more, but this is a great start. 

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