Father, I Give You Thanks

There are times
When I’m so filled with angst
Times when I
really don’t “feel” like giving thanks.

But I can’t help it.
Father, I give You Thanks.

There are times
When I’ve felt like giving up
Times when saying “Thanks”
Just doesn’t seem like enough.

But I can’t help it.
Father I give You Thanks.

No matter my circumstance
No matter my pain
Father I will Thank You
Through the sunshine and rain.

When my heart is overwhelmed
or rather filled with joy
I will forever thank You Father
Praising You I enjoy.

I love You Father God
And I give You all my praise
You deserve glory and honor
And to You my hands I raise.

You are such an awesome wonder
So much so I can’t explain
You are such a Mighty God
Praise from my heart shall remain.

What a mighty God
Awesome God
Loving God
Healing God
Forgiving God
Saving God
Delivering God
Sanctifying God
Merciful God
Grace-giving God
Patient God

You Deserve All my praise and more!
I praise You, my God, my all.

Theresa J. Scott

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