Is God’s Timing Perfect?


To GOD, yes, HIS timing is ALWAYS PERFECT for us because HE knows all things and HE knows what’s best for us.

However, I can honestly say that I have DOUBTED GOD’S TIMING!  I can honestly say that God’s timing has not always been in sync with MY timing, but it has ALWAYS BEEN the PERFECT TIMING.

Sometimes, it has seemed that God has waited until the 11th hour and the 58th or 59th minute to come through. During those times, I have found myself anxious, fearful, and yes, angry at God because I felt like HE was either ignoring me or simply did not care. How human of me!!!

Then there were times when I prayed and trusted God for something to be done in His timing but because God’s timing, in my fallible opinion, was didn’t come quick enough, I went ahead of God and messed things up. Yes! I have gotten into relationships with the wrong people because I did not trust God’s PERFECT timing. I have spent money on things because I didn’t wait on God’s PERFECT timing.

Check this out….Psalm 24:17.

So, are you waiting for God to come through? Is HE taking longer than think HE should take? I just want to encourage you to TRUST IN GOD’S TIMING. HE is never late and HE is never premature. God’s timing is PERFECT and all we have to do is to trust HIM.

Have a super day!

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